Simulation includes: virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual labs, and 3D modeling/printing. These tools are useful to simulate activities that otherwise would be difficult or even impossible because of safety concerns, geographical distances, or limitations of time and space.

Discovery Exercise

Go to the #EmTechWIKI Discover page, select the appropriate module, then select a tool or resource by choosing Simulations in the Category field, and then select a tool you would like to explore. Then choose option #1 or #2 below.

Option 1: Explore 3D Printing Options

  1. Investigate your college or your community’s access to 3D printing.
  2. Evaluate the policies and procedures regarding 3D printing. Are they available for use? If so, who has access to them? What kinds of procedures are in place for students, faculty/staff, and members of the community to use 3D printers? Would you be able to receive access?
  3. Reflect on how this kind of tool might impact your life (e.g., school, work, etc.). Do you see yourself being able to use 3D printing in your career or in your personal life?
  4. If you found a link regarding the policies and procedures of 3D Printer use at your college or in your community, upload this link to your ePortfolio. If you are able, locate a 3D printer, take a picture of it, and embed the photo in your ePortfolio as well.

Option 2: Explore Augmented Reality Platforms

  1. Take note of the goal of the tool that you selected and who it appeals to. What are the goals of the program, if any?
  2. Reflect on how the tool might augment someone’s reality. Can you see yourself using a tool like this? Were there advantages or disadvantages of the tool you explored? Describe how you might be able to use the tool in a classroom or in a personal setting.
  3. Add your reflection about your discoveries to your ePortfolio.
  4. Upload a link to the tool you explored to your ePortfolio.

If you are enrolled in the MOOC, remember to return to the “Discussion Prompt” to complete that Module. Here is a link back to #EmTechMOOC in Coursera.