EmTechWIKI Guidelines

EmTechWIKI is an open-access resource for lifelong learners. To assist our learners, we provide tools, websites, mobile apps, tutorials, and other resources to address an individual’s needs and interests for academic and/or career advancement.

You are free to contribute to and modify the content of this wiki under the following conditions:

  • Responsibility – you take responsibility for your edits (since we only host your content).
  • Civility – you support a civil environment and do not harass other users.
  • Lawful Behavior – you do not violate copyright or other laws.

With the understanding that:

  • You license freely your contributions – you must provide your contributions and edits under a free and open license.
  • No professional advice – the content of articles and other projects is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

For additional information, see Instructions and Terms of Service.